Contact Information

Fort Meade Flight Activity
Tipton Airport (FME)
7509 General Aviation Drive, Fort Meade, MD 20755
2nd Floor of the south(flight line) side of Hanger 80
Existing Members:EMAIL is the best way to contact us as our staff are volunteers and will not always be in the office to answer the phone
New/Prospective Members: Use to email us.

Phone: 410-672-0080 FAX: 410-672-0942

Club Officers

Officer Name Contact Number
Co-managerSuzanne Hall443-690-2627
Co-ManagerFrank Turney443-799-1287
Operations OfficerTimothy Woods443-745-8564
Chief PilotPhilip Irving410-953-0286
Safety OfficerFrank Turney443-799-1287
Web-masterKen Urban412-683-0823


Please contact the FMFA Operations Officer (Timothy Woods) or an instructor. Contact information can be found in Flight Schedule Pro.