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In order to join, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Be a member of an eligible group as defined below
  2. Be at least 15 and a half years of age (parental consent is required if you are under 18).
  3. Be eligible to obtain , or posses, a valid FAA Airman license/certificate (i.e. Pilot, Mechanic, etc). See FAA Airman Licenses and Certificates.

Eligible Groups

  1. DoD and other civilian employees working for or logistically supported by the sponsoring agency, and their dependents.
  2. Active duty uniformed personnel, their dependents, and members of the Reserve components while on inactive duty for training (IADT).
  3. Retired military and civilian personnel, their dependents, and relatives
  4. Others not affiliated with the above groups

Dues and Fees

Members are responsible for ensuring that they remain in good standing with the activity by paying all dues, aircraft usage fees, and any other expenses they may incur.


Dues may be paid annually or monthly. In order to pay monthly you must have a credit card on file in Flight Schedule Pro.

Dues are $25/month or $300/yr.


Official aircraft usage rates are posted within FSP. All flights are paid for at the time of flight.
Fees for consumables, i.e. charts etc, are posted within the activity and must be paid for when taken.

How to Join

In order to become a member you must first be eligible (see Eligibility section above). Once you are eligible you will need to do the following:
  1. Fill out the membership application, release, and questionnaire and submit them to:
  2. Pay a non refundable one time initiation fee of $150.
  3. Setup an automatic payment in FSP for monthly dues or pay for a full year in advance.
    • Dues are currently $25/month or $300 if paid in advance. In order to pay monthly you must have a credit card on file within Flight Schedule Pro.
  4. Sign up for Flight Schedule Pro (FSP) here. Make sure you use the SAME email address you supplied on your application form as we will use it for verification.
  5. Upon approval of your application complete a checkout with an activity instructor and written test for each aircraft you wish to fly. You will be assigned an instructor.

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