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Cessna 150 Piper Warrior
Cessna 172P/N Piper Arrow

Required Reading

The below documents are required reading for ALL members. These documents will be periodically updated and you are responsible for keeping up to date with the changes. Changes will be announced via email.

Where to Park the Planes

Be sure to reference the below image when parking an FMFA aircraft at KFME. Park only in the marked spots. CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VERSION.

FMFA Spots

Insurance Requirements

  • The hull insurance carried by FMFA is designed to provide coverage for loss or damage to aircraft. However, a pilot may be held liable for damages caused by negligence. Examples of negligence include leaving the master on, dropping a dipstick in the fuel tank, striking an object while taxiing or parking, damaging a tire because of improper braking procedures, etc. If found to be negligent, a member may be required to pay for any deductible and other damages.
  • Members are required to purchase separate renter’s insurance that covers deductible, personal liability and loss of revenue to FMFA. At the time of this writing the deductible is $10,000 which is subject to change. A copy of the member’s current policy must be kept in the FMFA pilot’s file. Minimum required insurance will cover the items below:
Liability Limits
Accident Coverage $ 250,000 per accident
Bodily Injury $ 25,000 each person
Property Damage $ 250,000 property
Aircraft Damage $ 10,000 each non-owned aircraft

Club Tests

Membership Forms

The forms every member needs to have completed.

Misc Documents

A collection of documents that members may find useful. These documents may be older or out of date.